UP CSI Devcamp

DevCamp [Mentorship]

Spend a semester writing code and learning more about software and product development! Accepted students work on a project (of their own choosing) paired with a mentor, becoming a part of the larger development community.

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  • How does it work?

    Work on a project/Increase your skills in a field you’re interested in like web, mobile, or game development by working with a mentor that specializes in that field.

    The project can be anything, from an idea or project you have to an open source project you want to contribute on.

  • Do I need to be a part of CSI/be taking up Computer Science?

    No, we are open to everyone!

  • I don’t have a project idea, can I still join?

    Yes, though we highly encourage you to have one! You can reach out to us and we’ll help you generate ideas (and note that you can still change/pivot your idea as we go through the camp)

  • Where/When does it occur?

    The 1-on-1 mentorship setup allows us to hold the devcamp without a centralized location/time, so you are free to work with your mentor on terms that work for both of you!

    However, sometimes we do hold common sessions, where we discuss essential things that would be common to whatever field you are studying. They are typically held in discussion rooms and will depend on the participants’ availability.

  • How do I get paired with a mentor? What if more than one camper picks the same mentor?

    The pairing will be done depending on the interest, specialty, and schedule of the mentor/mentee pair. To ensure the quality of mentorship, a mentor can only have one mentee.

  • Is DevCamp a CSI recruiting program?

    No. If you are interested in becoming a CSI member, please go through the application process